Intellectual property

Intellectual property


intellectual-property1Intellectual property rights are at the foundation of the IT industry. Maximizing the economic value of a software asset critically depends on understanding the nature of the intellectual property rights involved and how best to use the available forms of legal protection to protect those rights. We focus on IP challenges in the start-up context from early stage until exit through acquisition or IPO. IP infringement claims usually surround two major funding events in a company development.

The first round of venture capital funding and the completion of the initial public offering (IPO) which are the most vulnerable periods in a company development.



We advise clients in connection with:

  • Internal compliance procedure and process of ensuring valid IP ownership
  • Structuring and negotiating software licensing models
  • Rights clearance
  • Content acquisition
  • IP landscaping
  • Freedom-to-operate investigations and analyses
  • Global IP strategy and IP commercialisation consulting
  • Exploitation of rights
  • Open source code
  • Confidentiality and non – disclosure agreements
  • Policies and procedures on trade secret protection